Hi~my name is Susan. Welcome to my blog! There are many blogs, but this one is mine. All mine! **Bwahahaha! Rubbing my hands together gleefully**  I’m a Southern girl~with a twist. That means, I tend to speak my mind, but I try to be polite about it. I won’t hide who I am or how I feel. I wouldn’t want you to, either! So if you want some real talk and don’t mind a little sass, you’re in the right place!

I live in North Carolina with my extraordinarily patient husband, whom I’ll call Bear. Or I might just call him Bobby, since that is his name. *shrugs* We have a loquacious 13-year-old son. (I do NOT know where he got that from!) He wants me to refer to him as Steele, but most likely it will just be “the Boy”. We also have our sweet Lucky Penny. She’s an Australian Cattle dog, mixed with who-knows-what. She rescued us about 5 years ago when we visited an animal shelter. We highly recommend you letting a shelter pet rescue you!

I’m a writer and a paralegal. Neither of which do I get paid for at the moment. I’m always reading several books at the same time. I’m going to home-school the Boy for the first time this year. (Eek!) Let me repeat that, in case you didn’t catch it–I am going to home-school an 8th grader! And I’ve never home schooled anyone before! (I’m only slightly terrified!) I love to cook; I like to come up with new recipes, and inflict them on my family whenever I can. I’m also a Type 2 Diabetic. I try to live a healthy life by following a low-carb, high-fat way-of-eating (LCHF WOE). I think about exercising. A lot. I take a way too many pictures. Most of them blurry. I yearn to travel, but I also kinda hate to leave my house.

There’s a lot more to say~but I don’t want to ruin the fun! I’ll just leave it at this: if you look at my categories, listed under “All the Good Stuff “, you’ll see that some of my posts may be more serious than others. I’ll try to remember to alert you with a Trigger Warning whenever necessary. If I forget, please feel free to remind me.

I love feedback! I live for responses! I’m an introvert who wants to be noticed! I will NOT BE IGNORED! Comments, compliments, different opinions, and helpful suggestions are always welcome. Being hurtful, hateful, rude, or otherwise a jerk–not so much. And I get to decide which is which. So I’ll cut ya man, I’ll cut ya. Well, I’ll delete you, I mean, if you’re any of the things I don’t like. Cutting you would just get me in trouble. And I don’t love to be in trouble.

Thanks for stopping by! Bring a friend and y’all come on over again soon! We’ll be in the funny together!

(P.S. Don’t forget to leave me a message! Or, you know, make it easy on yourself and just go ahead and sign up to follow me. Then you’ll never miss any of the sass!)

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  1. I love your writing style – it’s almost like sitting down with you and having a conversation – even if it is one-sided! Keep it up! “Mama Betty”


    • Thank you, Mama Betty! I’m glad that it feels that way to you as a reader; that’s how it feels that way to me. That’s really the way I feel the most comfortable as a writer. It means so much to me that you would not only take time to read my “conversations”, but to respond to them. (Actually, this is sort of how it goes in my head, I do just sit down and write it out later~you responding saves me having to write the responses as well!) As always, love you! Susan xoxoxo


  2. Bravo, bloggy friend!!! Sass is fantastic and I can’t wait to hear all about your homeschool adventures!! And I promise you won’t have to cut or delete me! Haha!

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  3. Hey I stopped by to check you out and I like it. I hadn’t been by before because I have busy as of late. But, I am following and I am on WordPress too so feel free to check me out. I like it and I will be back!

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    • Thanks, Kim! I’ve spent more time writing and rewriting the intro than anything else! lol Hopefully it won’t take me as long to get the content to my own satisfaction…


    • Yes! Me too~and I’m glad I didn’t piss you off with my assumption that you were just some creepy perv! You have to admit, Aussa has a way of attracting them. She’s the first to tell ya that! lol


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